Based on Egyptian information dating on 14 th millennium B

Based on Egyptian <a href=""></a> information dating on 14 th millennium B

A keen Arabian Group

The fresh Midianites had been good Proto-Arabian group; their property legs was a student in Arabia and are also related to Ishmaelites. The ebook out-of Judges says which clearly from the story off Gideon, who helps to make the pursuing the request of your own Israelites immediately following beating new Midianites:

We come across evidence of the connection ranging from Midianites and you will Ishmaelites as the better regarding labels. For-instance, Moses dad-in-laws Jethro or Jether (Exod 4:17) has the exact same label as the Davids brother-in-rules (partner away from Davids sibling Abigail), Jether new Ishmaelite (step one Chron 2:17).

The fresh Spruce Exchange

Within the Iron Ages and you may after, the newest Midianites, while the an Arabian tribe, were a portion of the spice change. They would travelling out of Arabia and you will go through Israel on their way to the new Mediterranean shore and you may/or Egypt. It is reflected from the biblical story regarding Joseph, and that relates to Midianite and you may Ishmaelite investors going to Egypt with herbs and you will submissives:

In this tale, brand new dealers had basic lead north, possibly to trade into Arameans, and you will was indeed swinging southern area from the Jezreel valley with the Thru Maris, which would simply take them for the Egypt. While the story is decided in the second 100 years B.C.Elizabeth., anachronistic provides instance camels show that it absolutely was written in the first century B.C.Age.

Brand new solid commitment ranging from such east Arabian tribes in addition to liven route is reflected regarding the term brand new Bible (Gen twenty-five:1-2) gives its eponymous mommy, Qeturah (?????), a reputation pertaining to the new Hebrew phrase having incense, qetoret (?????).

In a nutshell, this new Midianites was in fact an enthusiastic Arabian group involved in metallurgy and liven exchange, whoever base was at this new northeast of your Arabian Peninsula, however, whoever visited out-of settlement are much large, which have pockets residing in brand new southwest Sinai Peninsula, the fresh southern Transjordan, together with Aravah (the fresh wasteland area of the southeastern Negev), probably from the copper veins indeed there.

The new Shaswe-Belongings YHWA

C.Elizabeth., we all know the Midianites weren’t the sole cultural organizations life style this this type of areas. On the geographical record into the Amunhotep IIIs Soleb Nubian forehead, people of one’s Aravah therefore the south Transjordan are called Shaswe (or Shasu), a generic label meaning something similar to “nomadic people.”

The term shaswe, s?sw ( ) is written pursuing the Egyptian determinative for “land” t? ( ), demonstrating that Egyptian text are detailing additional geographical elements populated of the individuals shaswe. An area detailed is known as Nomad-residential property Seir, that is similar on Mount Seir area into the Edom. Another title on the list, which means that nearby or contiguous having Seir, was Nomad-belongings Yehwa, yhw?(w) ( ). The pronunciation on the name is unsure, while the such as Hebrew, hieroglyphics don’t include vowels, but the label seems to be regarding the name of this new Israelite deity, YHWH, whose accurate ancient pronunciation is even not familiar.

An excellent Goddess and an area

Regarding list, Yehwa ‘s the label out-of an area. Just as one nomadic group lived-in a secure titled Seir, various other lived in a secure called Yehwa. In antiquity, a reputation you may really be one another an effective toponym and you may good theonym. The name Assyria (Assur) depicts so it demonstrably: it is both label away from Assyrias captain goddess as well as their ancient capital area. At some point, in addition turned the name of the empire. Various other analogy is the Greek goddess regarding facts, Athena, exactly who first started just like the patron goddess out-of Athens.

YHWH Is inspired by the latest Edomite South

Biblical proof shows that YHWH is inspired by the the southern area of, either from the slopes away from Edom otherwise subsequent south into the Midian or past. It is eg clear when you look at the around three really old biblical poems: